Telit IoT University

deviceWISE IoT Immersion

Connect “Things” to “Apps”  |  Learn How to Develop IoT Solutions

Designed for IoT developers and integrators, Telit IoT University, part of Telit’s IoT Know How suite of consultative services, teaches you how to succeed in launching IoT solutions that deliver measurable business outcomes.

IoT Immersion teaches takes you from project idea to completion by providing the necessary tools and easy access to Telit’s IoT ecosystem and developer resources.  You’ll explore different sensor types, take a deep-dive into our cloud-based IoT platform, and learn how to integrate with back-end applications.

The lecture is complemented with several hands-on labs using Telit devices. The class includes a comprehensive final project aimed at solving a real-world scenario and incorporates most of the hardware and software discussed during the course.

Courses are taught monthly at our facility in Boca Raton, Florida. Customers may also request on-site training at their location.

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