deviceWISE IoT Sales and Marketing Essentials


This course has been developed to provide sales and marketing professionals the mix of concepts, hands-on, and reviews of use cases needed to discuss and propose Telit IoT products and solutions.


Topics:  During this one day class we’ll cover the products, a high-level system overview, the resources available to assist you, and several use cases to help you reach a comfort level with proposing IoT solutions.  Just as important as what Telit products can do, we’ll discuss what they can’t do.

Length:  Two days

Target Audience:  Sales and marketing professionals either in the IoT space or preparing to enter the IoT space.

Suggested Skillset:  Solution selling and solid understanding of basic computing skills.

Course Structure 

Two Days - Classroom
Lecture/Lab Format

Course Location 

Boca Raton, FL

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