IoT Cloud Platform

The deviceWISE platform by Telit connects your “things” to your “apps” – seamlessly integrating any devices, production assets and remote sensors with your web-based and mobile apps and enterprise systems.

deviceWISE reduces risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost of deploying solutions

for monitoring and control, industrial automation, asset tracking and field service operations across all industries and market segments around the world.


The do-it-yourself Cloud service gives you instant and full access to the mature and comprehensive features and all the necessary tools and resources. No upfront investment is required and engineers can focus on building apps, not infrastructure.

If you’re starting out, the easy-to-use portal has basic visualization tools and dashboards for most remote tracking, monitoring and control applications across all industries and markets, right out of the box with a low-cost service plan.

Additionally, deviceWISE Cloud customers enjoy professional maintenance and support and ongoing upgrades to new features and capabilities.


Collect, Control Anything

There are multiple ways to ‘onramp’ or connect and integrate your “things” to the Cloud and collect and control anything:

TR50 MQTT APIs provide a robust standards-based interface with full bi-directional communications, data collection and functionality between the edge device and the application. There are libraries, including full source for numerous languages and embedded platforms to help you create your own applications. Our open APIs are designed to enable all wired, wireless (Telit and Non-Telit) solutions to connect into deviceWISE.

Telit Cloud-ready IoT Modules have deviceWISE APIs embedded in the firmware of Telit IoT modules and can easily connect to the Cloud using a set of simple AT Commands. This is the easiest and fastest way to develop a thing-to-cloud solution and publish data on the Cloud platform.

Asset Gateway installed on commercially available, standard gateway devices available from our partners. The deviceWISE Asset Gateway software agent provides the industry-leading connectivity and edge intelligence to onboard things that aren’t IoT ready. The Asset Gateway communicates with external devices or sensors via LAN, USB, serial, and can monitor digital and analog I/Os. The robust edge intelligence solution can be configured to create alarms and events with trigger logic and make decisions and take actions. To address industrial automation markets, this Industry 4.0 gateway comes with a large library of native device drivers and protocols for manufacturers such as Siemens, Mitsubishi and Rockwell as well as common industry protocols like MODBUS.

Proxy hosted in the deviceWISE IoT Platform, the proxy gateway is suited to onramp legacy devices that cannot be retrofitted to support the deviceWISE Agent. It connects existing install base of IoT devices to deviceWISE, allowing customers to standardize on deviceWISE for old and New deployments.

Cloud-to-Cloud enable connection to low-cost and low-power technology platforms and services – such as LoRaTM, SigFox or Actility – that aggregate large amounts of purpose-built IoT devices.


Your Data

The deviceWISE IoT platform centers on a single, easy-to-use portal to enable comprehensive management and confi guration of your IoT solution – from entry-level solutions to full scale enterprise-grade deployments. The intuitive management portal includes user and organization administration, data plan and connectivity management, remote device provisioning and management framework, and graphical data visualization for tracking, monitoring and control applications across many industries and markets. The portal also provides access to built-in technical support, and extensive developer tools and resources.

The device management function offers remote configuration, remote provisioning and remote firmware updates that can be executed using scheduled or ad-hoc campaigns for a single unit, on predefined groups, or on the entire installed base. The built-in tagging feature enables the creation of different campaign groups based on organization, geography, technology, or other parameters.

The mobile communication provisioning function includes seamless integration with Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and Connected Device Platforms (CDP), and lets you activate or de-activate devices, manage SIM cards, analyze connection quality, and set all provisioning and data plan parameters. This platform function can be especially useful in preventing data overage and overall data cost management.

The ability to manage and control both the application and the network connections from a single web-based portal is a deviceWISE unique and very powerful attribute.

With petabytes of scalable Cloud storage, the deviceWISE AEP offers an elastic and flexible data model with built-in redundancy and data back-up, delivering enterprise- grade performance for companies large and small. The multi-tenant structure provides inherent privacy and security for the coexistence of an endless number of organizations and sub-organizations.

The platform also features superior layered security to protect against both external and internal threats, including:

Built-in data validation frameworks

• Up to 256-bit encryption to ensure data integrity and confidentiality

SSL and TLS Frameworks

Session management – using unique session ID and tight session expiration timeouts

Functional role-based permissions for different users, from read-only to a full control

Real-time active authentication and authorization

Auditing, monitoring and reporting




A built-in graphical and visualization tool set that can be used to provide valuable insights of important device information from the deviceWISE IoT platform.

The built-in application integration function features a variety of TR50 MQTT or HTTP APIs to retrieve Cloud data into purpose built web-based Apps or mobile applications for Android or IOS – from simple displays or dashboards to big data analytics.

Offering additional versatility, deviceWISE also facilitates Cloud-to-Cloud integration with Google Cloud Platform, SAP HANA, or any other public or private Cloud.

Enterprise Gateway technology offers direct data mapping and seamless integration into existing systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing resource planning (MRP), manufacturing execution systems (MES) and SCADA applications based on our support for:

• Oracle
• Microsoft
• Web Services

The enterprise-grade software, developed over decades in the industrial market, can be installed in your back office.


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