deviceWISE IoT for Developers


Students will explore different sensor types, take a deep-dive into our Management Portal, and learn how to integrate with back-end systems. The lectures are complemented with several hands-on labs using various devices, including Telit devices.

Topics: Fundamentals of IoT, Use cases for IoT Solutions, Connectivity Standards and Protocols, deviceWISE Management Portal, and more.

Length: Two days plus one or two optional days working in our Makers Lab starting or
fine-tuning your IoT solution. This is an opportunity to work with, and have access to, Telit’s technical support team, project management, and Telit’s Professional Services solution engineers.

Target Audience: This class is designed for solution developers who fill a specialized role dealing with ensuring components can communicate with each other.  Developers need to understand the tools and options available to accomplish each task of the overall solution.  Developers frequently write, compile, and transfer the code to the Telit modules and other hardware.

Suggested Skillset: Basic computer skills and basic understanding of IoT, understanding of APIs, the ability to write and edit code (preferably C), and a strong desire to learn and apply concepts learned throughout the course.

Course Structure 

Two Days - Classroom
Lecture/Lab Format

Course Location 

Boca Raton, FL

Upcoming Courses 

Upcoming Courses - Boca Raton, FL


December 4-6 (Mon-Wed)

Course Pricing 

$2,000/Per Person
(Group Discounts Available)